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Here's a collection of emails we have received from readers of LateShowWritersOnStrike.com. Thanks for all of the nice thoughts. We will post as many of the emails as we can (so don't talk about your personal life)

Hey guys-

I just wanted to let you know I support you all the way,  even if it doesn't mean new episodes. I hope writers get what they   deserve, and quickly. Thanks for the updates in the meantime, though.  Todd Richardson


Just wanted to let you know that many people including myself support you.  It's great to read your thoughts even with something very serious is going on.  Hopefully it will end soon.  Thank you for the website and I look forward to hearing more from you all.  And please tell Jeremy that Airwolf might be off the television but it lives on in all of our hearts forever.  Thanks! David Kendall.


Our family lives down the street from Thurber House and started watching the Late Show on NBC when our first child (1985) turned out to be collicky. We needed some way to get through the difficult nights. Since then, your writing has gotten us through many difficult personal and family situations. I have a cousin who is on the lines in LA and our thoughts are with you. We hope that the help you have given to so many of us through your writing will come back to you and this will get resolved fairly. You are creating our country's best exports and we need to keep that going as well.

Some are saying they worry that people will learn to do other things if the strike goes on. There will always be a need and desire for good writing.

Hang in there.
Lee Szykowny


You guys are hilarious!  As I read, I could totally hear Leno's voice in my head, reading it! =)(Yes, I realize you write for Letterman... but seriously... The voice I heard/ facial _expressions I saw were Leno's.  More disturbing since I don't watch EITHER show....  They're on too late! )

But Thank you for the Blog.  I hope the strike resolves in your favor.....

Deirdre Mundy


Hey, I'm an average guy!
...but I am just dropping a quick line to say that I understand and fully support your cause, and that I hope the current conflict resolves in your favor.  I am by no means connected to your industry, but greed and selfish business decisions from the top is something that we all have to suffer the consequences of now and then, and I think many of us are more than empathetic.

Sadly, I am too far away to serve you sandwiches, but I am getting ready to eat one. I have attached a picture of the sandwich I might have offered, had you been striking in Joplin, Missouri.  It is only a chicken patty...my girlfriend is really the better cook, sorry.

Justin Deremo


First and foremost, I want to say that I am totally behind the WGA strike. It's high time the entertainment industry fully embraced new media. I've written a blog about new media, the WGA strike and how it relates to us in the music biz. We in the music industry are behind you 100%.


Ana Wolken
Dead Bunny Music


You have my support ...

…as if my support will change anything in your favor.  Nonetheless, you do have it.  So, to the extent you had dedicated a team of colleagues solely to the enlistment of my support for your cause, you are now free to reallocate those resources.

In all seriousness, Dave first coming on the air at CBS coincided with my recovery from a quadruple bypass at the ripe old age of 35, having completed my 4th marathon the prior year.  I can't begin to thank you, the writers, for your contribution to that recovery.  In truth, I have been a big fan of the show since it was on in the mornings, and I do appreciate that, as talented as Dave is, it is you guys (and gals) who do the heavy lifting day in and day out, and make him look so good.

I understand what you are fighting for, and truly do appreciate the sacrifices you are making on behalf of your fellow guild members.  Not that there is any way I can, but if there is any way I can help, please let me know.

In the meantime, rest assured you have the support of this huge fan of yours, and the show.

Best regards, and best of luck

Howard O. Godnick, Esq.

I’d like to thank Bill Scheft for the letter posted on your website and that I also read on the Wahoo Gazette.  Until reading that letter I had no idea why this strike is so important to you. I knew the underlying issues with respect to “new media”, but I didn’t know about the 13-week contracts, the health insurance limits, etc. Before that,

I thought you guys all made $500,000 a year and drove Maseratis (OK, maybe that’s a bit much. BMWs?). Maybe if the general public knew these facts, there might be more pressure on the AMPTP to settle.

Best of luck! Keep the faith.

Mike Henderson


You guys are absolutely hilarious. Thanks for bringing humor to a depressing situation.  I promised myself I wouldn't become so obsessed with this Strike coverage that I would actually cross that line and contact people.  But you drove me to it. You jerks.  Good luck with everything, I know I'm not the only one reading all this and hoping for a speedy resolution. Especially for the workers caught in the middle.  Thanks for the smile in my mundane work day!  Also, please write more! It's like 14 degrees outside... not like you  have anything better to do!

All the best,

Kelley Gloor

P.S. All the remarks above that could be taken as insults were not  meant in a hurtful tone. I like sarcasm. Probably too much. And often  online communication is terrible at conveying that tone, thus putting  me in the middle of fights more than once (It's hard to be me). But,  in all seriousness, I dig you guys and want to be your friend. :-)


 As a future WGA member and aspiring actor-comedian-screenwriter, you

all have my prayers and support.  I'm on the virtual picket lines

doing as much as I possibly can.

Daniel Solzman


I'm an artist up in the Vancouver area.  I am a songwriter (www.NoWallsMusic.com)

and a photographer (www.NoWallsDesign.com / www.BrilliantEYE.ca) and I REALLY REALLY hope you guys n gals can get what you are asking for.   I am NOT a big supporter of BIG BROTHER and the CORPORATE OVERLORDS, but I'm also not stupid enough to think anybody will get a very good chance of seeing my work if I don't have some of that "corporate gravy".  So I hope you can get a good deal with The Man... GO FOR IT!

I am inspired by the solidarity of you Creative Types Who Use Pen and I send

a LOT of positive and VERY POWERFUL CANADIAN GOOD VIBES your way.

Hang in there.  You all (and even Dave) ROCK!   I consider your group (the latenight clan) to be on the cutting edge... And you deserve to get all you are asking for and more.

Reinier deSmit

North Vancouver, BC



Hi folks,  Good luck to you guys.  Bill Emswiler Walpole MA.


I'm a regular viewer and have been fortunate to have been in the live audience a few times. I miss you all terribly and wish it hadn't come to this.  But having said that, please know that you're doing the right thing, hard as it must be. The producers aren't reusing the content out of the goodness of their hearts; they're reusing it because they make money off it. Make them a deal: when they stop repurposing old shows, they can stop paying you. Until then, they owe you.  I've had a long career as a freelance magazine writer; no way in hell would I allow a publisher to use my work in a new form without an additional contractual payment. You're not freelance, of course, but the residual system is the way you get paid. To allow it to deteriorate would be cutting your own throat. That's why you're out. I get it. I'm behind you.

Good luck and warm cocoa,

Dan Rosenbaum


On the picket lines in Los Angeles.

Here's what I learned so far...
Writers tend to be paunchy and pale.
Walking in a circle for four continuous hours gets us
dizzy so we have to switch directions... A lot.

I hope you get more yummy sandwiches and don't freeze
your asses off.

Aimee Pitta
Fellow WGA Member.

I felt compelled to send an email after reading the various thoughts and observations you have all been chronicling.  I'm a writers assistant on a prime-time ABC show and I got laid off, and until I went to a rally at FOX, I didn't really feel part of any collective movement.    Luckily, my bosses have been able to get me back on payroll because like you, they wanted to try and take care of as many people on the crew/staff they could.

The site is great...hate to say keep up the good work because of course, it'd be better if you were back writing on the show, but until then, I'll be looking forward to reading the serious and the not-so-serious posts.

Aubrey Villalobos

Hey guys it's Mike Maniaci, just wanted to drop a line and give my
support. Not a day goes by here on the lonely 3rd floor of the Ed
Sullivan Theatre that I don't think about you all and what you are
going through. You were always great to me while I had the internship and for that I am forever grateful. Hope all is well!


Guys, and any gals who might be present!
I enjoy your work with Dave very much.I'm sorry you had to strike to get your fair share, but if that's what it takes, I can live on re-runs....
Kind of like when Joey Bishop filled in for Johnny every summer...sigh...
I hope you get what you're striking for and so should evry working stiff.
Best regards,
Ed Kinsel

Hey LS Writers!

Just a quick note to say we're on your side here in
Western Wisconsin. Putting together a four hour lame
morning radio show here (with my wife, no less) is
nothing compared to that one hour you guys have to do!

Just kidding.

While we miss the inspiration new shows give us,
here's hoping there's a quick settlement that gives
you guys what you deserve!  We're with you out here
in Wisconsin!

Your pal,

Curt St. John
Morning Host/Asst. Program Director
I-94/WIAL - Maverick Media of Eau Claire

Hey "Late Show" writers,

I'm 35 and I've been watching Dave since I was about 12. It's been
fun and interesting to see the show's comedic voice change and
reinvent itself over the past 20-some-odd years.  I got to see a
taping in October--a true highlight.

Thank heaven for the internet, and the opportunity for you to spell
out what you're fighting for...and for us to say "Give 'em hell!"
Jason Wentworth

Hey all--

It's great to read your words and thoughts on this situation.  I send you my support and solidarity, and if you need any help on the picket lines, just lemme know.  Keep up all the good work.

Katie Honan
former intern/LS utility player
Just sending words of support to keep going.
As a public school teacher, I know what its like to get low pay and few benefits and a guilt trip when you fight for your rights.
I've been watching Letterman since high school - 1984.  I've been at 5 tapings since he moved to CBS. The show is pure joy and it's all about the writing.  I still watch those old VHS tapes. Your work will carry on for years and onto the next generation.
Fight for yourselves and for what your children should inherit.
So good luck with your contract negotiations. Get your health care, pay raise, royalties, and your copyright.
Ask Paul McCartney about copyright - he'll tell you how important it is.
Just don't ask Paul about prenups.......
Good luck!
Toni Silveira
North Kingstown, RI
I just wanted to say that I had one of those Richard Belzer sandwiches and mine was definitely meatball, not chick parm.

AB (I've met some of you this week. I've been sneezing a lot and wore the silly hat with baby chicks on it.)

I support the WGA strike, firstly, because it's the right thing to do.  On what planet is paying someone zero for Internet use and 4 cents for a DVD considered "fair"?  On what planet is Internet broadcasting (for which customers pay money or pay with their time to watch advertising) considered instead to be a "promotion"?  I support the WGA strike because the AMPTP position is immoral, unfair, and best relegated to other historic acts of inhumanity like the Medieval feudal Lord system.  I supprt the WGA strike, secondly, because I get to read some damn funny writing by the Late Show
writers here, proving the point that they are talented individuals upon whom the success of the show, any show, so obviously depends.  I'll gladly give up reading this damn funny writing, if we can get you back to work, but paid in fair ways, around which everybody can be proud, AMPTP as well.

John Reimer
I enjoy reading your observations on your strike and wholeheartedly support what the writers are trying to achieve.
Keep up the work here and you'll get the cowards, cutthroats and weasels to come around and give you a square deal.
Alan Page.
As a "don't have enough credits to be a REAL WG member" associate, I am with you 50% ( or whatever 75 bucks gets you) !  Seriously, I hope you guys get back to writing very soon, although, if this strike is anything like Local One's, it's gonna be a long winter for everyone.
Bit of advice, don't discard all the loony e-mails...you may find something to use in a future joke.
Pat Alder
New Paltz, NY

Hi, all,

Not that it probably makes a ton of difference in your life, but just
letting you know that we support your strike and understand the
issues involved. I'm a writer myself, and I at least understand the
work you do, even if I'm not in the same industry. As a daughter of
union workers, I also understand striking, the difficult decisions
that precede it, and the hardships it necessarily incurs on all
involved. Just know that a lot of the public is behind you and we
want this resolved in a fair way as soon as possible. We miss you on
late night!

Michelle in Cinci
Hi all,
I love the writer's strike.  Much like the way Dave loved his heart surgery, I suppose, it's all very exciting to me and I can't get enough.  Executive-types have never really understood the creative.  That's why they're executives. They understand strikes, and now that you're dealing with them in terms they can understand, they can get on with ignoring you.  This is all very exciting.
Best of luck in trying to demonstrate the value of creativity,
Matt McCarthy
Hang Tough!
Okay, well, now I have a visual of the New Kids on the Block... or is it Tesla?
In any event, thanks for creating the site to keep us non-writer types up-to-date.
I miss you.

I support you. Please add a Tina Fey photo gallery to your colorful website.
I've been watching old Late Shows from the summer that are still on my DVR for some reason. That doesn't make me part of the problem, does it?

Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving,

Trace McAlister

Late Show Writers,

I just came across your blog and am happy to see some humor written about the strike. I am a below-the-line worker out here in LA who has not yet been effected by the strike but I know that all of our jobs are in jeopardy if we don't stand up for what we deserve.

I've walked the picket lines at Paramount Studios to show support for the WGAw and I will do whatever I can to support the WGAE from a distance.

Keep the humor rolling, we need it.

Tom Corwine
 As much as I miss seeing new episodes of  Late Show, The Daily Show,
The Colbert Report, and so on, I understand why you folks are doing

I'm still absolutely flabbergasted that sponsored webisodes and online
series replays are considered to be promos, in spite of the imbedded
(and annoying) ads that run with them.

Hope you get a decent contract this time around. '88 was a rip off.
Pam Landman
I wish you all the best during this trying ordeal.
I hope you will achieve a speedy resolution.
Can any of you introduce me to Tina Fey?  She's cute!
Tod Jacobs
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Letters, you get letters, you're getting sacks and sacks of letters.  Letters!
Okay, clearly I've gone out of my mind missing The Late Show.  This blog helps.  Keep it up guys.
Reema Mustafa
I dig the show. I prefer it over the other show in it's time slot. It's fair to say that if your show were secretly switched with another, that I'd notice the difference.
Anyway, good luck with the strike. I honestly hope that ya'll come out the better for it, and soon as well.
Kris Anderson
I just wanted to say that I totally support what you guys are
doing, and I laughed more reading your blog than I have in a long
time.  You've done a great job explaining why there needed to be
strike, while making all of us realize what we're missing.  I'm a part
time travel agent, and I've been putting the "I Support Writers Guild
of America" on all my outgoing emails.  Good thing I'm an independent
contractor and can't be fired...

    Hey, could you guys maybe walk with blank signs for me for a little
while.  No writers = no words!

    I wish as a fan there was more I could do.  Any ideas???

Thank you for everything!
I hope that this is resolved quickly. Not just so America gets T.V. shows back, but so you can support your own families.
The strike really shows everyone how important writers are to a show.
Portland, Oregon
Hello!  Just finished reading your blog.  It's been a long 9 days without your show and reading the blog made me miss it a little less.  And, also, a little more.  I hope everything turns out in your favor.  It has to, I don't know how your adversaries think they'll survive without you.  And I hope it all ends soon.  I'd send you food at the picket lines but I live all the way in the Philippines.
Keep the faith.
Rina Espiritu
Late Show Writers:

Just wanted to let you know that I'm in support of you and all the writers involved in the strike. I plan to check this site often so you can give a bit of funny while seriously fighting for your rights.

I'm in the newspaper business. This site reminds me of stories I was told about "Strike Papers" published by union reporters when striking against many big city dailies years ago. They not only told their side of the strike, but their reporters kept readers abreast of regular activities in the cities they were covering.

Hang in, we're with ya!

Larry Dreiling
Hays, Kansas


You guys are great. The blog is hilarious.

I wish you the best of luck in your strike for a better contract. I
hope it ends soon, and we can all forget this ever happened.

Best of luck,
Ian Nachemin

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you guys and I
hope that you win on the digital rights issue. I work for att so I
know how it can be since its all about the profit margins!!

Jim Matysik

PS I love the blog.its like dave:text style!

Best of luck, stay strong.
-- Phillip R. Hurwitz
Dear Writers,
Stay strong!! I'm with you. (Except I'm really at home.)
You're right! They're wrong and greedy. And I miss you!!!
(No offense, but I don't miss the Leno writers so much.)
Let me know when my presence near your lines could be helpful. I'll
try to get there.
And keep the faith!
Lanie Zera
Love the blog. Thanks for posting it!
Let me apologize on behalf of the nimrod members of the general public who are
whining in the media about wga members being "overpaid" and "spoiled".
You've got a tough gig. Obviously.  Look at 95% of the "comedy"
on network tv. Thanks for keeping the laughs rolling.  And hang in there...
eventually these evil bastards will wake up and realize they need to
settle this thing.

Any chance you get get a "GREAT MOMENTS IN PRESIDENTIAL SPEECHES" blog going?
Missing my daily fix...

Right Fist Raised In Solidarity,
Joe Stephen
Orland Park, IL
Your fight is just, good luck.
Paul Carter
Great blog ...and great work. I’m actually proud to be a fan of the show.
Thanks for defending creativity

Joseph Pettini

Hi there, we support you even in Australia !!!  And yes we do get Letterman here on TV and sometimes the delay is only a few days (although I suspect they think we won't notice the strike as the other night we had a President Bill Clinton bashing segment )
Hang in there, I hope it all works out.  Australians only hate rich arrogant Americans so we hate the studios and love you guys !!!
Good Luck
Robyn Carmichael
To all of you.
Hang in there!
What else can I say?
Best of luck and my thoughts are with you. Stand tall and proud.
Rev. Terry Peterson
I support you one hundred percent!

None of us in the business would be anywhere without you guys.

Thank you for this blog too and for keeping us informed.

Wayne Martin
Wayne Martin Puppets™

Hey, guys..
You have been getting a lot of support over at the HuffPost and the LA Weekly. A transplanted to Oregon Californian, I read the Weekly as religiously as I watch Letterman. Niki Finke's column was about Dave's generosity with his staff. She also linked to your webblog. Thanks for the information, laughs and just the daily chronicle of your strike. You guys rock! and I support your efforts. I have also linked it on my own blog.

Even though I can watch the reruns, I feel like a traitor doing so..thus,my nightly routine is amiss. Obviously no way near as amiss as your nights are. With all of the hubbub re: YouTube, Google, MySpace and legal machinations on internet video, there is no way you can convince me that the "powers that be" conglomerates and studio heads are not hep to the huge $$$ potential in internet and their !00% cut, if residuals are not shared with you writers!
I'd like to know what else we can do to help. Any boycotts; letters to..; other activism to support you?
Thanks for the informative and hilarious blog! It's my nightly "Letterman fix" for now...
In Solidarity with you,
Jo Voorhees
Eugene, Oregon

I miss David Letterman, and I miss the terrific work you writers do making him the funniest man in the free world.  I know this is a difficult time for you.  The internet has changed the playing field forever.  Noone seems to know how to make money with it....well, except the porn industry.  I want you to know I support you...I hope you can keep a little more of what you deserve...I know this can be a hard time for you, your families and your coworkers.  Best of luck.
Mark Howell
Love the site and appreciate your (Late Show writers) sacrifice to protect the livelihood of entertainment writers.

Please add a: How You Can Help section to: lateshowwritersonstrike.com

I'm concerned that the media conglomerates will dig in their heels, and you're going to need the financial and PR support of thousands (millions?) of Americans who appreciate where their entertainment originates.

Although the site is overall educational and funny, I love Steve Youngs' Talking To Children About The Writers’ Strike. You need more of this! It's perfect viral humor. I've already emailed it to everyone I work with (and included a link to the site). It makes them laugh, think and hopefully they pass it on. The only thing missing in the Q&A is a hard hitting fact, like: "There are 12,000 writers in the guild. You need to make $30,000 a year in guild earnings to keep your health insurance. Last year, 6000 didn't reach that figure. Half."

A Top 10 Reasons The Late Show Is In Reruns (or Top Reasons The Writers Are On Strike) seems like a natural!

Let us know what we can do. And stay warm.

Best wishes,
Brian Conley

Hello from the U.K.,
Just a quick message to let you know, that there is a long running British Forum, with many members and regular contributors, (Created by Myself), dedicated to all things relating to The Late Show.
We are currently running at 112 pages of messages and growing!.*
We are all 100 percent in support of the writers, and don't think that you're demands are unreasonable.
(Although sadly, this also means we're temporarily deprived of our favourite TV programme.)
If you get time, Please have a look at the forum, as I'm sure the regular (Daily) contributors, (Myself included), would love to hear any feedback (Good or Bad), from anyone connected with The Late Show.
Again, good luck with your protest (We're all behind you, and are sure that ultimately, you'll be victorious!)
...and Thanks in advance, for taking the time out, to have a  look at how your British cousins view this unfortunate (but necessary) action.
 Regards and Best Wishes,
M.Jarrett. (38)
(markinwigan / mark01942)
Amateur Comedy Writer And Creator Of The "Late Show With David Letterman" UK Appreciation Forum.
Mark Jarrett
Hang in there folks - hopefully it won't last too long. On the bright side, Bob Borden is blogging again! Welcome back to the interweb Bob, and thanks for being here.

Jim Kohler
Chesapeake, VA
I'm a little worried seeing all of the comments from my fellow viewers expressing that you should "get what you deserve."
May I be the first to vocally wish that instead, you get what you are asking for.
Emily Evans

I just came across your site...it's awesome.
You all deserve all that's you're asking for.
I think of my great hero Lucille Ball.
She always gave great credit to her writers when asked why I Love Lucy has lasted so long.
It's great to see all the celebrity support...know you have a TON of us "common folk" behind you as well.
Jim Negri
I’m a high school English teacher.  I KNOW that you people are the voices of our culture.  I have been fortunate to have been a member of the audience at the Late Show, and most fortunate to watch the writers/actors do their work at The Simpsons a few times.  (I am also loyal to the writers of The Office, Family Guy and American Dad)  When I watch Dave, I want to be entertained, and I am!  The pragmatic side of me knows that to make that happen, the work of a big team has to occur.  What I didn’t know are the facts that Bill Scheft revealed about the precarious position of writers.   A government employed school teacher might forget that.  My daily happiness would be blunted without Dave and the other voices.  I have come to rely on them for the lift they give me!  
Irene Hoffman
I'm a struggling novelist up in Canada and I just wanted to show my support for you guys.  Finally people are starting to understand that without writers there are no stories, shows or one-liners.  I also thought the list of novels to not-read was hilarious.  If one of mine ever gets published, I'll be sure to not send you a copy.  :)
Good luck on the picket lines, and stay warm.
Douglas Trueman

Thank god I discovered this blog. It's a riot  - and should be catnip to the ladies. A guy who can make you laugh out loud is like George Clooney. Well, in your case maybe George Clooney without the incredible, heart-stopping good looks. Of course, George is pretty funny himself so he's got the whole package and nobody can really compare but still ... What was I saying? Oh yeah,  you guys are the greatest and the writers deserve everybody's support. Good luck.
Carolyn Rummel
Good people:
Really miss you guys!
Having 'been there' on a picket line, I know firsthand it's not easy.
Key is you gotta' stay strong.
Best wishes for the duration.
Phil Decker
Hey there,

I just stumbled upon your blog.  Hang tough, you deserve everything
you are fighting for.

I have so much respect for Dave.  It sounds like you all are very
supportive of each other.

Best Wishes,

Cathy Coffey

I have something very important to tell you.

The recipe for Kathy Mavrikakis' WGA strike cookies is identical to
the recipe for the Original Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies.
I know this because I was an unhealthy kid who memorized said recipe
and baked these cookies maybe once a week.  My grandmother *slapped me
once because I wouldn't use HER recipe, but she put nuts and raisins
in her cookies and what unhealthy kid wants to eat that crap in their
delicious cookie?!  Not me.  Anyway, I'm not trying to take away the
beautiful and generous thing Kathy Mavrikakis did for you guys.  I'm
just really bored at work (writer's assistant...about to get fired)
and thought I'd let you know what I know.  Go WGA!
Siri Pinter
Hi guys,

I was a Late Show page from July 06-July 07 (I was the one in the
yellow-sleeved jacket) and just wanted to say, keep at it. As someone
who is hoping to make a career out of writing for television, all this
precedent setting is very much appreciated.


Greg White
Hi guys,
I  totally support you 150% and think you deserve every penny you aren't getting!
My younger brother is a gaffer and he is pissed abut the strike and thinks you guys are assholes.  He just got laid off from his show that he was supposed to be booked on through the end of the year.  I spent a long time on Saturday trying to explain to my thick headed (but very wonderful) bro why it is important for writers to fight for what they believe in and why writers deserve a little more of the pie.
I'm not sure if I made a dent in his brain, but I did make him repeat 3 times "I don't have to agree with why writers are striking but I do have to respect their decision to strike."  And I also reminded him he wouldn't ever have a job if someone didn't write a script for whatever TV show he was on.  Maybe that sunk in.
I'm a freelance agency producer for commercials and my husband is a copywriter.  I wonder if this won't begin to impact our side of the industry as advertisers won't want spend money to make new spots if they are just going to air during reruns.
Good luck and hang in there.  I feel for everyone that is impacted by this and hope it resolves quickly.
-Vicki Tripp

Dear Writers (especially Jeremy):

Before the strike, I was a temp, working 8-5 everyday for $10.50 an hour.  That’s how much I got paid to read Harry Potter, surf IMDB, and snack on Cheez-Its while I waited for the phone to ring.

At about the same time the strike began I became a permanent employee.  I make $4 more an hour and have health insurance.  Now I read your blog in my spare moments between rings.  I guess your blog is worth a lot more than Harry Potter, IMDB, and Cheez-Its since I make more per hour for reading it.

Just wanted you to know how important you all are.  And you are doing a great job of getting your point across with your blog.   Thank you!

~Rachel Weiner


p.s. If you could try to be a little less funny I would appreciate it.  Laughing out loud randomly at my quiet office has been getting me some weird looks.

Dear Late Show Writers,

Though I miss seeing the show more than I can say (I get pretty
miserable when Dave is on vacation), I support you unreservedly.  If
I lived in New York (I'm in San Jose, CA) I'd bring you food.  Please
keep your spirits up and keep holding the line.  Please let us know
if there is anything we in the public can do to demonstrate our
solidarity with you.

Can sponsors be found for the publication of Bill Scheft's letter in
say, the Times?  I have no idea what such things cost and I assume
it's pretty expensive, but I think it would be very useful.  I think
most people don't understand the issues of the strike and assume,
mistakenly of course, that all of the Guild's membership is regularly
employed and generously compensated.   They need to be disabused of
that notion.

In solidarity,
Ann Weissman


   I'm an AFTRA member and know how important what you guys are doing is for the rest of the industry.  I want to say how much I appreciate it.  I would also be misrepresenting myself if I didn't also say that eventually, I want to have a job like yours (no, I don't mean standing outside in the cold eating Chicken a la Belz).  I've heard that members of the other unions are welcome on the picket lines.  How do I go about striking in solidarity?  Where type of mozzarella is Belzer using?

Brian Hansbury

Oh sure, this is the experience you’ve been waiting for.  A time to contemplate and reflect.  A time to update

your iTunes library and enjoy the great outdoors.  I had the pleasure to visit Manhattan a couple of weeks ago

just prior to the strike and I know paramount on my mind was finding the Starbucks and then I found Junior’s.

Wow, I like that place!  Keep the faith, best wishes for a speedy recovery, special thanks to all your supporters.

Clay Stubblefield – Phoenix, AZ

Hey Late Show Writers,
As a fan of your work and a strong supporter of the WGA, I just wanted to reach out and say to hang in there!
As an aspiring comedy writer, I have so much respect for your willingness to stop doing what you love and literally risk it all for future writers.
Sure we miss seeing your work, but there's one more person out there who is with you 100%.
Show these greedy bastards at the studios what you're made of!
Best wishes and warm regards,
David Siegel
New York City, NY

You guys are too good! I think I enjoyed reading your website more
than I enjoyed watching the Late Show.

You need to write boring comments so we miss you more.
Charles Cook

Matt- I plan to show the WGA my support by using my new word, "foppish", as much as possible.
Joe- Where can I get a decent bath mat nowadays? Seriously, have you seen the ones they have?
Kathy- The Nestles Tollhouse people called. Said something about being properly compensated. They sounded pissed.
Best wishes all!   Marilyn Sargent  Southington, CT

I am all for the strike. It's time the big moguls recognize that the written word is more powerful than a "sword". Actors without writers are "Mimes". We deserve to get paid for the hours of work and imagination that it takes to write a screenplay or sitcom. I may be new at this, but I all for the writers getting the proper reqard for the work done. Thank you for haniging in there. Lourdes Beauchamp in Winter Park, Florida.

Hey Late show  strikers
We're the folks who sired the  6"7'  intern you know as Tyler Flowers,  famous for his part in the "Intern Jumping" Segment.  We've been watching the reports of your struggles here in the Dry south since the strike began and we wanted to send you a note of moral support.  We're coming up next week to visit our boy for Thanksgiving, and  even though the strike   dashed our plans to see a Late Show episode taped, we wanted to let you know there are no hard feelings, and in fact , we SUPPORT YOU GUYS WHOLEHEARTEDLY !!!!
In fact you need to know that along with us, nearly everyone we  know here in Atlanta ( Except for one Ron Paul supporter who doesn't have a clue anyway)  joins us in standing behind you  guys 110%.
Keep your chin up,  keep the faith, and with any luck we'll get to visit with Ya'll ( that's a southern _expression Tyler may have used once or twice meaning yous guys) and bring you some treats to either keep up your strength or  celebrate the producers coming to their senses!!
Bill and Kim Flowers
Dear Fabulously Funny David Letterman Late Show Writers -

I just stumbled across your website, and read it in its entirety; WHAT A RIOT!!  But, on a serious note, I also learned alot.  I had no idea the of scope and breadth of the issues for which you are striking.  50% of your membership, at any given time, are unemployed?!?  WOW.  Talk about crappy job security!  I hope your strike ends soon, and ends equitably.  Hugs & Support (and gratitude for the many belly laughs over the years).  Lynn Farrell, Providence, Rhode Island.
Hi Writer-type people!    
Just dropping you guys a line from up near Albany, NY to say that if I was still living in Long Island, I'd take a trip into NYC to give you guys some in-person support.  As half of an amatuer comedy writing duo, I can completely get what you guys have at stake, and I wish you guys all the luck in the world to hold out for the cause.
More power to y'all, and let's hope this thing ends soon for the sake of you guys.
Chip Ordway
Greenwich, NY  (Pronounced as it's spelled........none of this GREN-ITCH crap!)

Dear Late Show writers,

I've been watching your show for about 25 years, since back when I  
was way way too young to be staying up past 11:30 at night (Central time :o), but I did it anyway on a regular basis.  I think I have  your show, along with my dad, to thank for the wry, sardonic sense of humor I use today to alienate potential friends and annoy my  students.  I'm a high school teacher now, and a proud union member,  and I'm with the the writers 94%, (not quite 100%, but it's still a  solid 'A' so you should really be proud of yourselves!)  I should  stop trying to flatter you by showing how bad some of us out here are at writing jokes, and just say that it's clear to me that the WGA is  fighting for justice against corporate greed, and you've got my  support as long as it takes.  It's also inspiring to see so many  other people's comments of support on your website.  Keep it up and  stay strong!

Randy Childs
      Thank you for your hard work and efforts over the years. You guys are the fuel for laughter and joy, an essential part to anyone's day. Thanks for all the laughs you have provided for my family, friends, and myself. I do have one request though, I would like to see more installments of Will It Float? Other than that, you guys are doing a hell of a job. Thank you for your time!

Rochester, NY

It's small what we who cannot join in the picket lines (since they are not across america) can do aside from refusing to buy/rent DVDs until we know you will be getting some royalties for your work when we make our purchases.  Curious: watching shows online through abc.com, nbc.com, etc. right now.....is this counter intuitive?  Keep in there and we are out there and the blog, though a very serious matter, is HILLARIOUS and I am not the only one reading at work and rolling!  If all else fails at least you guys can do your own thing (a book?) and you'd have a backing.  Hell, I'd buy it!
Best of luck, there's a lot of us behind you across the country.
~Jennifer Kannon


My name is Meg, and from the age of 2, I dreamed of being a Late Show writer. Actually, the Late Show wasn't even on when I was 2, but I think if it HAD been, that would have been all 2 year-old me dreamed of.

That, and bunnies.

I just wanted to tell you guys I absolutely support what you're doing, and I think the fact that you're doing it with a sense of humor is really tremendous. You probably inspire a lot of the people around you working towards the same goals. And even if you don't, it sounds like you get a lot of baking! Yes!

Keep it up. Us little scrubby writers not yet in the industry appreciate you "paving the way."




Just wanted to thank you for this blog site...  it has helped tremendously in understanding your position and what is going on as well as being privy to your outstanding humor while missing your show!!

Eve Graziani
A faithful Letterman Fan!!


Hi fellas!
I am so sorry that I cannot be out there picketing and supporting you this week, but alas, since no shows are taping, I must find alternate work and I am temping. I just wanted to show my support and wish you all the best in the negotiations. Stay warm out there!!
-gunna wilson

Great website, brothers and sisters! They can't pay you enough to
write stuff like this. (Oh, wait a minute...)

The multnational megacorporation CEOs who made this strike necessary don't seem to get that it all starts with the word. (Except for reality TV, which starts somewhere under the horse's tail.)

Hope you win soon. I'm getting far too much sleep.
Craig Ferry
Vancouver, B.C.

I started watching Dave when I was a 17 year-old virgin in Kailua,
Hawaii.  Now I am a 25 year-old sex machine in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
I stopped watching the show.

But every now and then when I take a break from manufacturing love and
satisfaction, I tune in to see if it's still funny, and it always is.

F Viacom,

jeremy hsu

I hope you are able to get back to the table soon! We are a union family and know what it’s like. Michigan has a lot of unions – mostly UAW – but they were on strike this year too, fortunately not too long. We hope it goes quick for you.

That is some of the funniest stuff I have read in a long time!



I fully support you guys! I actually grew up around labor unions and
strikes and the such. In FACT...my dad went on strike from my family right after I was born. He's still striking, actually. I hope his
demands are met soon so he can help raise me and stuff.

Seriously though, hope you guys get a good deal on the table soon. We need fresh TV programming to help us forget about how our dads don't love us.

Lukas Kaiser


I just came across your blog today... Oh man, is it funny!! Reminds me of why The Late Show is my favorite of the late night shows! =) I support you guys 100% and I've been praying for a swift resolution to the strike. In the meantime, thanks for tiding us over with this very amusing blog! Keep on keepin' on, I'm on the NYC picket lines with you in spirit!!

Kaysi - Reno, Nevada


Good luck on your strike I hope eventually
you all will make better royalties .
I understand from a relative who is a Union member Key Grip for TV
and feature films that this will be a long strike as other unions contracts will soon be up such as SAG and the DGA this summer.

Michael B.

I just wanted to say that you guys are doing the right thing.  You're
not only fighting for yourselves, you are fighting for future WGA
members.  Keep up the good work, and here's hoping this whole thing
gets resolved soon so you all can get back to doing what you do best.

Paul Lindahl
Chicago, IL

They'll never support you the way your fans do. Thay may however keep everything in place better.

Get this thing settled and get your butts back to work. Don't however screw yourselves in the process. Those of us that gawk from this side of the box can wait it out. We'll just laugh all the harder when it's over. You're all highly admired and respected.

Take care, God bless

I'm sure that most people are behind the writers 100%. I've spent the odd freezing week on a Toronto picket line and know what you guys are going through and wish the writers the best of luck!!!!
Les Williams
Toronto Canada

Many can do...but only a few can " do good". Stick to your guns!
Your supporter,
David Tull


I had no idea that you could get fired every 13 weeks and be denied health insurance. It's a shame that you are in a profession that you love have and to live in fear of not getting health insurance, fired on a regular basis, and not making enough to make ends meet. I graduated college with a degree in Journalism/Communications and can't find a job in my field for similar reasons. I thought the whole point about going to college was to find a career you love and make a living out of it. I guess I was wrong. I feel for you and you deserve everything you are asking for.

hey guys,
having lived down the street on 53rd st., and now just couple blocks away, i have been your neighbor for quite some time now.
i just wanted to tell you all good luck and also that what you're doing is great.
hope all works out in your favor, and remember people in the city have your back!
thank you for keeping us fans updated with the blog, and cant wait to see the show back on the air.


Just wanted to let all you guys know us webcomic writers (well, me at  least), support you fully! I put a virtual protest sign on my website as a sign of solidarity. I was going to march outside my house, but my neighbors already look at me funny as it is.

Keep fighting the good fight!

--Meghan Murphy

While network television may be a vast wasteland (not my phrase) it would be far wastier (my word!) without 'The Late Show'.  And I'm not saying this just because it's the only network television show I watch.  I wanted to let you know that A LOT of people out here support the strike and feel that all writers deserve a fair shake for what they do.  We're not all nerds into 'Heroes' who spend our days writing "awesome" scripts full of "cool effects" and "girls".  Many of us appreciate quality writing and are looking forward to your triumphant return.
Jeff Jurgensen
Cedar Rapids, IA

I just wanted to say that someone in the middle of nowhere is standing behind y'all! I miss my favorite shows especially Late Show, but the writers deserve what they are asking for. Stick it to the man!
Midland, TX

Nice lookin' inflatable pig!  Do you know where I can get one for the office
Christmas party?
Steve Marshall
Melbourne, Australia


Hi Guys,
I've been watching Dave since he guest hosted for Johnny and had the morning show (it seems I was the only one watching the morning show), and, while I miss my daily fix of self-referential and self-depricating humor not to mention the Top Ten, I totally support the WGA's stance, you should get a piece of the action for DVD and internet exhibitions, CBS is making money on it, so is GE and that damn mouse as well.  I've always thought that the "biz" side of "show biz" was slimey, and the transparent excuses trotted out by the producers smell worse than the bed-sore ward in an old folks home, confirming my conclusion.  I don't have anything to offer other than moral support, but you have that, so hang tough.
I like the strike site, it beats not seeing any of your work.
Take Care,
Joe Ellis


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Abidjan,Cote d'ivoire
West africa.

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Consider this and get back to me through this my private box for more conversation and knowing of each other before proceeding.awaiting for your immediate responses.

My sincere regards,

Hi all Late Show Writers

I have been following your blog for some time now. I
am writing with indignation! to comment on the bad
treatment Tom Ruprecht received at the hands of one
Ron Howard!!! Personally, I am shocked that a
"respected" director/celebrity would resort to such
rough tactics towards a fellow colleague in the

Here's hoping that such nasty incidents do not ever
occur to you guys again. You have all my support for
the strike until the media bigwigs cave in.

Yours sincerely

Mandy Lee, Singapore

Posted by Justin Stangel on "LateShowWritersOnStrike.com"


I went to meet Shatner. Justin was frightened.

At least that's the way I remember it.

-- Harold Larkin        Head Carpenter   Ed Sullivan Theater

I will only embarrass myself by attempting to use my words and dull wit to communicate with you.  Simply, my thoughts, prayers and support are with you.  May you be gloriously successful as a result of your strike.  Your inspiration and wordsmithing [see, is that a word??] is why late night television works.  God bless and Godspeed to Late Night writers.
Most sincerely,
Geri Montoya


Hey Late Show Writers,
I'm sure you were all wondering what is Kristen Curran, the best looking former writer's production intern with the curly blond hair, doing to support our cause?  I've gone back to Sony Beta Cassettes.  Sure they are hard to find, and you don't get any new material, but I think it's worth it to stick it to DVD sales and Internet downloads.  I was also shocked to find out that the Internet is open 24 hours a day!  You are literally getting robbed of residuals by the AMPTP day and night!  Even though I doubt this "Computers" fad will really catch on, you should still get what you deserve for what you have written!  If the AMPTP doesn't realize how important writers are, people will be subjected to the aimless ramblings of people like me and a ridiculously rampant use of exclamation points!  I don't think that's the kind of world any of us want to live in.  I shutter to think of it.
Your Friend,
Kristen Curran

You guys are my real heroes.  And www.lateshowwritersonstrike.com is very entertaining.  But I would still rather have your program back on the air sooner rather than later.

I’ve been a fan of late night TV since Steve Allen, Ernie Kovacs, Jack Paar and Johnny Carson.  I suppose the only show I missed out on was Jerry Lester & Dagmar!  So you can probably figure out roughly how old I am.  I’m 64.  After watching these four broadcasting legends, I must admit I found it a little bit hard to embrace Dave on NBC and watched him only sporadically.  But when he did make the move to CBS, I was there from show #1 and have been a really big fan ever since.

I hope both the WGA and the AMPTP really do get back to the table on Monday and make sincere efforts to get this strike resolved.  You guys deserve more of the DVD profits (and I hope that issue goes back on the table) and certainly something respectable in the way of payments for new media use.  I have a Sony 50” LCD in my living room and a professional surround system.  That’s how I watch Dave.  But I am now realizing that there are alternatives for watching TV and writers must be compensated accordingly.

At the start of the new TV season, I try to watch most of the Pilot episodes so I can see what music needs these shows may have.  (I own a company that licenses music for film and TV.)  I have DirecTV and a couple of TiVo HD receivers so I manage to catch most shows.  However, I did, accidentally, forget to program the Pilot episode of “Pushing Daisies” which I was very much looking forward to watching.  Having missed the Pilot, I really couldn’t bring myself to start out the following week with the second episode.  And since, unlike HBO and Showtime, where you can watch each week’s program fifteen or more times, with the networks it is still basically one airing only.

So a friend suggested I watch the show on abc.com .  Now, I have a brand new PC and a new widescreen monitor that has great resolution but I was skeptical about the quality of watching a full program via Internet streaming.  But it’s amazing how the technology has improved.  The quality on ABC’s website was flawless in the full-screen mode.  The show ran 41 minutes, had only three :20 imbedded commercials and even though I watched this in my office, the experience was still quite pleasant..  I must say that even though I prefer watching on a 50” LCD with surround, this was really quite acceptable and I can see how a lot of people really might prefer watching TV this way… watch what you want, when you want, and with the added bonus of not having to sit through 18 or so minutes of commercials and network promos.   And since this people will be watching “entertainment” via various new delivery systems, you writers should be getting your fair share.

Good luck in securing a decent contract.


Marty Wekser

Dear Late Show Writers On Strike,

I just want to say you are supported by the LATE SHOW staff and many of the fans,  because without writers there is no show, period.  I especially appreciate Bill Scheft's letter on the strike web site, because it shows you all to be decent and hard working professionals.  Seems you all have found something you love to do, and (usually) get paid for it.  That, friends is one of the secrets of life...have fun at work!

One of the realities of course is that you have to live much of life hand-to-mouth, and I never understood what the economics of your profession were until I read them on the site.  I fully understand your side of the story, and wish you well in winning some much needed financial dignity for yourselves, and your fellow creative professionals.   As my Dad used to say, "something worth fighting for, is worth fighting for!"

I'm a career emergency physician (for over 20 years) and I have my own realities.  My job is by any measure stressful, and THE LATE SHOW has been a joy for me for it's entire run on CBS (and my devotion to such diversion started with LATE NIGHT from it's earliest broadcasts on NBC...airing at the usual time I came home from long study nights at the library).  Please accept an enormous "Thank You!" from me (and all the other souls that labor in our over-crowed and over-whelmed "ERs" around the country) to whom you have given essential escape and laughter for so many years.

I hope to be able to enjoy new episodes of your show again very soon, but I am more than willing to wait for you all to achieve a settlement with the powers-at-be, so that I can enjoy them knowing you are being fairly compensated for your labor of love!

Best wishes,


Richard O'Brien, MD


Hi everyone -

I hope to God you all get everything you deserve and
then some.  Our family is behind you 100%!

Good luck out there!

Tara Segal
Baton Rouge, LA
Thanks for your courage and sacrifice in the strike.
I'm a screenwriter but not WGA yet. Looking forward to
joining the ranks. In the mean time, I'm honking my
horn and sending you virtual space heaters, mittens,
turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans with a nice
assortment of pies. Hope it's all over soon and you
guys get residuals and then some!




You guys are awesome!! Thanks for finding a way to keep us entertained
while you're on the picket lines. I hope the producers give you what
you want, you deserve it!!  Erin Barnes


Hello Late Show writters!
I am a devout Late Show fan and miss seeing "New Dave"  every night.  "Old Dave" and the "old" jokes are still funny and better that nothing, but without Dave's monologue or desk chatter, I have no idea what is going on in the world.  Evening news gives me a stomach ache, NPR is sometimes snobby, and the newspaper gets my hands dirty.  And I know who writes all those news-related jokes: fabulous Late Show writers!  You guys rock!  I hope you all get what you're hoping for and an agreement is soon reached.  Until then, I must comfort myself with the repeats airing and just study up on old news I'd already forgotten about.  And for your comfort, I hope none of you have to resort to a diet of Ramen.
Take care and best of luck to all!!!
Sincerely, you fan,
Rachel Coffman


Hey writers,

Just a note to let you know that you have support in the great state
of Montana. I'm from the eastern part of the state -- the part the "mountain dwellers" forget is here.  Our motto: We've got scenery too, it's just not as tall.

Anyway, to me the issue for you folks is a no-brainer, but I know how big corporations can be.  Hang in there and don't back down.  The Late Show will be better than ever when you get back.

Along with my day job I run the local movie theatre here, so I have
to admit some worry about upcoming movies being affected by the strike, and my late-night TV watching has dwindled to repeat viewings of my Larry Sanders DVDs.  But, I don't
care.  It's worth whatever it takes to get you guys what you deserve.

Thanks for the years of great laughs in the past and I look forward
to much more in the future.

Mike Blakesley
Roxy Theatre
Forsyth, Montana

I got goosebumps watching the clip of Rupert saying "don't fuck with me!"
love, always,
Mike Zazworsky

After reading your blog I came to two conclusions:
1) I have never watched Letterman but I will start after the strike. The show has to be hilarious with you guys writing for it. You deserve every hard won penny you get!
2) You guys are nuts! In a good way. I do think you will all be committed if this strike goes long as I see you all have to write or go crazy. I hope you will get to stay sane.
I am behind you 100% and am doing everything I can from my little town in Louisiana to get the word out and show my support. I will buy no DVD's or download or stream anything until you get a fair deal and as an internet junkie it is killing me. Thanks for giving me something entertaining to read while I support you. Good luck and God Bless!
Vicky in Lake Chuck


so you know that I'm out here.  I also sent my box of pencils to the greedy corporate bastards.
I hope the strike does not last long enough for me to drive up from DC to march, but if it does, I will.
Best of luck and Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Kathy Kyger

Subject: A clenched fist from Sweden
No, not to hit or threaten you with, but to hold up in the air in
support. Sheesh, you writers *are* a defensive bunch, aren't you?

Anyway, as the Swedish Late Show subtitler (well, four fifths of that
mythical beast anyway; I don't subtitle the Tuesday shows), I've been
one of the few people across the Atlantic to experience an almost
immediate effect of the strike. Normally, I'd be cursing at having to
take other subtitling work like badminton shows and full seasons of
Murder, She Wrote. But since it's all for a good cause, I'm proud for
every shuttlecock I describe as just hitting the net and every
platitude from that geriatric murder magnet Jessica Fletcher that I
manage to render into Swedish.

Keep up the good fight. You deserve every penny you're asking for -
and more. I'll be overjoyed when I can once again subtitle your jokes
- I mean, after five years of doing this...how do I say this without
resorting to mean words like "hack" and "predictable"? Let's just say
that "Al Gore is fat" is a whole lot easier to translate than "Xiu
Hjingau drives a hard cross over the net and has four match points".

Seriously, though. May the AMPTPMPTA cave soon. I miss your work.

(And, hey, is Mike McIntee really not a writer? What's his title?)

-- John E Thelin

Greetings writers from supporters in Lafayette Louisiana.
I'm Kirby James Alexander and know that myself and other people in the
area fully support you and all you do. I'm a unpublished writer and i
know that this strike is for the good of us all. I understand all
principles in this.
Go Writers Guild.
Kirby James Alexander
Normally I can’t stay up late enough to watch Letterman (unless I’m on a business trip in another time zone which lately hasn’t happened all that often).  I suppose I could try and see what I missed on the Interweb, but I’ll wait til you guys get paid for that.  So your site is great.  I get to see what I’m missing.  Which frankly, is pretty damn funny.

Good luck.

Miriam Alexander

Barbara Christe
Dear Writers,
I am torn. Obviously, I support the writers and I am furious that
the producers couldn't/wouldn't streamline this process so there
wouldn't be a work stoppage. How could I not? I too am a writer (of
this e-mail) and feel I am underpaid (well technically, my work is
paying for this e-mail, unbeknownst to them). More importantly, I
side with the writers because they are the creators, without whom
there would be no words in the actors mouths...movies would consist
of actors sitting in lavish costumes, on elaborate sets, staring at
each other.

But I am torn because I love your webblog "Late Show Writers on
Strike". I read it every day and find myself laughing out loud (my
employer is paying me to do that too). It is one of the bright spots
in my day and I fear it would go away if you were no longer on
strike. How can I support a quick resolution of this strike when to
do so would be to support the loss of this webblog?

This creates such a paradox in me that I find myself passing out when
I dwell on it for too long (don't worry, I still get paid even If I
am unconscious). So is there any way we can resolve the strike but
the Writers of the Late show agree to still keep this blog going?
Perhaps by changing the name to "Late Show Writers Who Are Still
Traumatized by the Strike Which Has been Happily Resolved"? Think
about it.

Yours in Union-ish-ism-hood,
Dr. Michael Emond
Department Of Psychology
Laurentian University
I love your web page and I'm telling all my friends about it! And I
keep writing about you guys in my blog. We Late Show pages support you
and want to come back to work! And we're glad that Dave is behind you,
too! I'll try to come to the City next week to encourage you in
Fight the good fight!
Dave Herman

My name is Raúl Placencia. I am political scientist and MA in
international relations. I hope to be one day ...scriptwriter. You and
your colleagues inspire me to open my mind and soul. My best wishes
from Chile.

We are a family of Late Show viewers living in a rural community in Oklahoma.  We tape the Late Show every night and watch it as a family the next day.  It's the hightlight of the day! 
Even though we are missing new shows, we are sympathetic to you and your reasons for striking.  I just wanted to take a moment and express our support for you.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the striking writers.
Best Wishes,
Max Ridgway
Alva, OKlahoma
I just wanted to extend a firm handshake to all of the Late Show writers and offer my strongest support for all of what you are doing. As a writer myself, ( I freelance at late show ) I appreciate not only what you're doing for yourselves, but also what you are doing for future writers and future members of your wga community. I thank you all so very much. Stay Strong.
- Dan Vollmayer
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Nice job with the website. I am going to tell my family and friends all about it.

When the strike started the first thing I did was research why you guys (and gals) were picketing. It did not take long to realize how unfairly your corporate bosses were treating you over the use of "new media". Seriously, 2.5% makes sense for all involved parties. Why can't those pinheads realize that? Oh! I know, because common sense eludes the thought processes of those who possess a higher social status.

I wish all of the writers of The Late Show the best of luck in keeping up the fight for what's right. Do not back down, not even half-of-a-half-of a point. Everybody I talk to about this situation agrees with the writers. Please understand that we, the viewers, are behind you.  
Thomas Oderwald 
Hi Guys,
I enjoyed your web site.  I support you in your fight and urge you to stand in there and force the companies to pay you what you're worth.  My dad and granddad were in the labor movement for decades.  I was a rep for my teacher's union for years, so I know what it takes to get a fair contract.  The thing that I always remember is what my granddad told me.  He said that no man (or woman) will ever be over paid if he takes his money from the hand of another man.  That was true in his day 70 years ago and it's true today.  So do whatever it takes and remember that your fight is for every workingman who has a family to feed.  All the best to my brothers and sisters on the line.  We're huge Letterman fans in this family and I just want to know that when the Late Show comes back on the air that it's written by strong and loyal union members.
Very truly yours,
Jim Brizendine
Moore, Oklahoma


I just viewed your website, after reading about it in the Los Angeles Times online. You have a great website design, and some very talented people must have worked hard on creating it. Until the strike happened, I had no idea what the writer’s issues were. I’m glad that the writers are doing this website, and that they care about their craft enough to keep busy doing something to stay in practice. I totally support your efforts. Why not pay creative people what they are worth? Without them, there would be no shows. Creatives are usually so in love with their craft that they would rather work than get tough. Taking a stand now is better than waiting until some time in the future when positions would be more entrenched and harder to resolve. As they say, “If you snooze, you loose”. I hope things get resolved soon and that you all get back to work. Especially the WGA East writers. I spent many years trying to eek out a hardscrabble life in cramped quarters in New York City for low to no money, before heading for LA. In the words of John Harriman: “Attica means Fight Back” (Whoever he was).


Gina Stronger

  I'm from Manchester England and am a musician. I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I support you writers 100%. I have grown up watching the Late Show and almost failed University because I would stay up all night to see Dave do his thing. I really hope that this situation is resolved quickly, in your favour so you can all do what you do best, contributing to the worlds best talk show. I wish you all the very best.
Adam Hynes
  Late Show Writers,

I adore your blog. My dad is a union organizer so I have been banned from watching scripted television until a deal is reached. Your blog has been keeping me and my friends sane through this tumultuous time. I think you guys are hilarious and good luck with everything.


Deborah Hinchey
  As a staff writer on "SpongeBob SquarePants," I read with interest the blog mentioning an old cartoon favorite, "Tom and Jerry."   While I thought the tie-in to the strike might be how animation writers make ZERO residuals (even on shows like SBob - which grosses Viacom $1Billion Dollars a year), I am happy to see that Jeremy's daughter loves our craft! 

Despite such an incredible fan base... (thank you, Jeremy's daughter!)... ZERO residuals. 
Spread the word!

Eric Shaw

(Zero.)   (Nil.)  (Niente.) (Nada.)  (Bupkis.)  (Oongatz.)
  Hope this thing is over soon.  We reeeeeeeeeeeally miss The Late Show.   I mean we really reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally miss it.   Hurry back, you guys.  We are behind you 172 percent.  
WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Thompson
Coronado, CA